How to get here


Alexandroupolis is approached by all the means of transport, by air, by rail, by road and trail ferry/ boat. There are daily intercity bus departures that connect Alexandroupolis with the cities of Komotini, Xanthi, Kavala and Thessaloniki and with the rest regions of Evros Department. Daily TRAINOSE train- departures connect Alexandroupolis with Thessaloniki passing through Komotini, Xanthi, Drama, Serres and Kilkis. There are daily departures too for the Northern part of Evros till Dikaia.

Alexandroupolis has an international airport, that daily flights are being held to and from Athens. Certain days of the week there are flights from and to Crete and Mitilini. During the summer period, some seasonal flights are being operated from and to Germany and Russia. The airport is connected with the city by bus.


To find Okeanis hotel, search for the main double- lane Demokratias Avenue and before the Local Stadium, turn right at K. Palaiologou 20 Street. The street is a one-way traffic street. Park in front of the hotel.