Tour in Alexandroupolis


Alexandroupolis is the city center of Thrace and the ideal starting point for someone to get to know and explore the surrounding areas. It is a city of 70.000 population and the city’s symbol is the famous 27 meters- high lighthouse that first operated on 1st June 1880.

City of tradition and novelty, city of relaxation and entertainment, city of the sea and the tourism.

Its central location is crucial, it unites Europe with Asia, South and East and because of that the communication with the world and the rest of Greece is made by terrestrial, seaway and aerial transportation means.

Alexandroupolis still maintains a small part of the original fishing village that it was. The true experience is the fishing auction at the local fish market, where the boats arrive one after the other full of fish.


Furthermore, it is a notably alive city, because of its commercial activities and due to the 3.500 university students. It is offered for culinary experiences and for its night life, with a variety of entertainment activities for everyone, near the seaside avenue and the city center.

Besides the seaside avenue, the Mitropolis square, you can admire the architectural structure and the Saint Nikolaos church that is impressive. The first residents, that were sailors, build the church to honor their saint- protector. The church is surrounded by an old Boys- Gymnasium that now operates as a Cleric Art Museum and on the other side is the old Church’s Primary School.

The city has 3 main museums: Church Museum, Natural History Museum and Ethnological Museum.

Every Thursday, the flea market is a unique experience for shopping in low prices.

In the Municipality’s surrounding area, an important number of regions have been registered and declared as preserved monuments and the most of them are located in the coastal zone.

Alexandroupolis is offered as the place for alternative ways of tourism:

  • Thermal/ Medicinal tourism
  • Mountaineering tourism
  • Religious tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Agritourism
  • Cycling
  • Canoe kayak