Events Calendar

Local events of Alexandroupolis Municipality include:

  • “Eleutheria” that is celebrated on the 14th of May in the memory of the city’s liberation from the Bulgarians. It lasts for the whole May and it includes a variety of events like parade, speeches, performances, exhibitions, music and dance events etc.
  • “Culture Waves”, events of Alexandroupolis Municipality that cover the entire summer period.
  • The “Commercial Exhibition” under the auspices of Evros Commercial- Industrial Chamber, involving local exhibitors, and exhibitors from the eastern Aegean islands and the Balkan States.
  • The “Book Festival” that is held every two years on the littoral of the city.
  • The “Global Thracian Convention” that is held every two years on a city of Thrace.
  • In Kirki, the “Festival of Milina”, every year in early September.
  • The “Pontian Festival” in Palagia on the 26th of July, the day before Saint Panteleimonos celebration- day.
  • “Midwifes Day” or “Babos Day” on the 8th of January when Saint Domenici is celebrated, in the suburban regions of Alexandroupolis. (Maistros, Apalos). The custom includes events with traditional outfits and a feast with Thracian music and songs, exclusively by women.


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